Honda® Street Bikes

Friends enjoying a view with red Honda Street Bikes

Honda® Street Bikes

Modern motorcycles can take you just about anywhere your heart desires, but the classics will always dominate the culture of motorcycle riding. Street bikes in all their glory provide some of the best experiences you’ll find on 2 wheels, and Honda® street bikes in particular are going to offer you some great features to make each ride more enjoyable.

Whether you’re interested in quick, fast, and efficient rides around town or you want something that’s going to give you more long-distance endurance, there’s a Honda street bike for you. All models are built with you in mind, so safety and durability are among the highest priorities. They’re also committed to constantly innovating and improving their models. And when you throw all this together, you’ll have a ride that can get you to your destination efficiently and with superior performance.

Come check out some of these Honda street bikes for sale here at Gaudin’s Honda. We know you’re going to find a bike that offers the best versatility and reliability in our inventory. We welcome all riders from Peace River Country, Edmonton, Calgary, and all of Alberta and British Columbia.

Man riding a Honda Adventure Bike

Adventure Bikes

With a sharp, direct profile, everyone’s going to be asking you what kind of bike you ride. And you can tell them it’s the Adventure bike from Honda. These models are built for high performance and versatility, with easy handling and hard cornering to give you everything you’re looking for in your ride.

Man riding a Honda Dual Sport Bike

Dual Sport Bikes

These models are perfect for the rider who needs their motorcycle to do a little bit of everything. Take the Dual Sport bikes both through big cities and through rugged trails and never lose performance and durability.

Man riding a Honda Sport Bike

Sport Bikes

When you’re headed back to the road full-time, check out the Honda Sport bikes to give you that extra edge. You can enjoy a single-cylinder engine, hefty gas tank, and fantastic fuel efficiency to help you spend more time on the road and less time at the pump.

Man riding a Honda Standard Bike

Standard Bikes

For your no-nonsense, excellent set of wheels, you’ll want to turn to the Honda Standard bike lineup. These offer some great features like a strong, steel chassis and a transverse-four engine, which will help you go the distance or stay close to home. These can be the best choice for novices and dedicated riding experts alike, so don’t pass them up.

Man and woman riding a Honda Touring Bike

Touring Bikes

The Touring bikes are the models built for long-distance travel. As your trips get longer and longer, you’ll want to think about upgrading to one of these motorcycles, to give you better ergonomic features and more storage. It’s the little things that make each trip easier and more exciting.

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